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Bringing the Indoors Out : Outdoor Carpet and Rugs

Bringing the Indoors Out : Outdoor Carpet and Rugs

By on Jul 5, 2013 in Carpet Cleaning, Home Page, Rug Cleaning, Seasonal Carpet Cleaning | 0 comments

Usually when you are talking about interior design for your home its easy to think of bringing the natural world inside for inspiration.  But every once in a while you have to bring the inside out.  The idea of outdoor rugs and carpet seems to instantly invoke negative ideas like mold, constant maintenance or who can forget the disaster we called “AstroTurf”?  However like most poor design choices of the past, scientists, artists and carpet manufacturers have devolved synthetic fibers for outdoor carpets that even rival their interior counterparts.

Outdoor Carpet To withstand the elements outdoor carpet and rug fibers, along with today’s grass carpets must be made with synthetic materials.  Regular interior carpet fibers and the bottom pad simply are not able to handle the temperature fluctuations, moisture and heat from outdoors.  That is why most outdoor carpet fibers are made from olefin (polypropylene), the same material as plastic rope and sandbags.  This material is weather resistant and extremely durable.  Most minor spills and stains can be washed off with a rag or garden hose depending on the padding underneath.  In all cases for major cleaning or stains it is wise to consult a professional like Spiess Carpet Cleaning.

Having carpet or a rug outside creates a more inviting and comfortable living space for you to enjoy outside of your home.  With modern technology, there is really no longer a need to worry about outdoor carpets getting moldy or caked with mud and dirt.  Maintaining them has never been easier and Spiess is there to help you along the way with any carpet cleaning needs you have.