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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Spiess Carpet Cleaning's "Exclusive" Cleaning Packages are designed for the simplicity of customer costs.   In an industry filled with "Square Footage Limits" and "Spot Removers" and "Pretreating' to allow for higher costs to the customer, here at Spiess Carpet Cleaning..we have eliminated the guessing for you.  You know the price when you make an appointment over the phone and it will not change after the job is completed!!  Along with chemical-free cleaning, our customers not only enjoy the savings but, their nice clean home as well.


All Packages include the following: 

All Pretreating & Spot Removing, Odor (Pet) neutralizers, NO "Square Footage" limits per room areas, Most furniture Moved and approximate time appointments.   

Steps (Up to 14) may replace a "Room Area"

2 Room Area's                    $119.99

3 Room Area's                    $159.99

4 Room Area's                    $189.99

5 Room Area's                    $219.99

6 Room Area's                    $259.99

7 Room Area's                    $319.99

8 Room Area's                    $349.99